Wow! Was October 2010 FUN, or what?

October 31, 2010


There was SO very much going on in October – and it was all good. In fact, some of it was SO good that I’d like to share it with you.

Firstly, though, the last MindBiz Seminar (3 of 3) takes place on November 17 in Edinburgh. This month, I’ll be covering “Influencing Thoughts and Behaviour”.  It will cover – among other things – “Instant Rapport”, “Empathy”, and S.P.I.D.E.R – the Psychological Sales System that Slays. (Not easy to say, that!)

To face the challenges in the current uncertain economy which is driving all of our businesses at present you need every advantage you can get. These seminars will make you and your people see things in a totally new light and from an entirely different perspective. They will show you how the impossible can become a reality. No Death by Powerpoint – these will be fast and fun and entertaining but with a very serious and quantifiable business outcome.”

Details of this, the final seminar, can be found at


Okay, listen up all those of you in the Glasgow and surrounding area… My mate Steve Harley (of Cockney Rebel fame) is in Glasgow this month. On the 22nd, he is performing a lovely, intimate acoustic set at 02 ABC, 300 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JA.

Honestly, if you want a GREAT night out with some fabby music in the company of The Man, then this is the place to be. Ticket info at–tickets?country=2&language=en-GB

Steve harley - don't miss his acoustic show, whatever you do

Of course, he is performing elsewhere – from Doon Sooth tae Oop North – and you can find out about tickets and venues here:

If you go along and you DON’T have a wonderful time, I will personally refund your ticket price. So there!


Now, talking about knock-out musicians… here’s another. The luverly Horse McDonald. It’s been 20-years since the release of Horse debut album “The Same Sky”, featuring UK chart singles “Careful”, “Speed Of The Beat” and “You Could Be Forgiven”. So, to celebrate, Horse and her band will play the entire album on a UK tour this November.

Horse - Always a fabulous show.

This is really worth catching, I tell you. I’ve been a fan – and a friend – for a long time. I love her music. I love her voice… and I love her performance style. And you will, too. Trust me.

The dates throughout November are: Sheffield, Boardwalk 10th.   London, Bush Hall 11th.    Aberdeen, Lemon Tree 12th.    Edinburgh, Queens Hall 13th.    Brighton, Latest 17th.    Inverness, Spectrum Theatre 19th.    Livingston, Howden Park 20th.    Glasgow, City Halls 27th

Ticket and venue information can be found at

If you DO make it along to any of her gigs, let me know and we’ll enthuse over it by e-mail! (Horse, that doesn’t include YOU!)


It happened again! Once again, in Scotland’s national daily newspaper, “The Daily Record” I was a clue in the crossword. (39 Down. Scottish Television Mind Reader. (6 letters.) Drew —- )  So, for all of those teachers who once referred to me as “clueless”… Not any more, chummy!


I had a couple of live television performances this month on STV’s “The Hour”. You can see the results at the links below.

Just as an aside: I suppose that, rather than being merely “presenters”, Michelle “The Voice” McManus, Grant Stott and Steven Jardine are “hosts” in the studio. And they really are the perfect hosts. Thanks for making my job so easy, guys.


This month I had three opportunities to spend a short time and offer a couple of quick demonstrations at several chapters of BNI, in Edinburgh, Livingston and Roslin. Lovely, enthusiastic, positively-minded business people.

(The BNI is a business and professional organisation. It is the most successful business referral organisation in the world, and belonging to BNI is like having dozens of sales people working for you because all the other members carry copies of your card with them. When they meet someone new that could use your products or services they hand out your card and personally recommend your services.)

Thank you, Martha and David Tod – and yes, you, too, Colin – for the opportunity to meet some of the members. (If you run a small business, it might just be worth finding out a bit more. The website is:


At one of my gigs this month it seemed like the perfect opportunity to meet up with my cousins, Derek and June. Nothing unusual about that, I suppose, except we haven’t seen each other in (guessing here) just under 40 years. Can you imagine? How did THAT happen?

Derek and June used to come down to North Berwick and stay with us. Great times, and Derek remembers it in superb detail. He reminded me of the time that we were playing soldiers in the woods across from my parents house, and I was really disappointed that we didn’t have hand grenades… so we made flour bombs instead. What a stupid plan THAT was…

The thing is, Derek was from the metropolis of Glasgow, and here he was in this little East Coast seaside town. He had the fashion, the music knowledge, the looks – he was cool. And he still is!

Great to meet up with them. One thing is for certain; it ain’t going to be another 40 years.

AMONG THE OTHER GIGS THIS MONTH I was at the Isle of Man Hilton, Kilmarnock Business Gateway, and a nostalgic return to Bathgate Golf Club. Such fun!

The last time I met Len (The Silver Fox) Murray (His book “The Pleader” comes highly recommended) was at Bathgate Golf Club. Here is one of his favourite jokes…

Harry and his mates from Bathgate Golf Club had saved their money in a big jar to go to Spain on a wee holiday. And as the 27 of them stood outside the Nueva Andalucia Plaza Hotel near Puerto Banus Harry got a nudge from his mate….”There’s big Sean Connery!”
“Naw it’s no’” says Harry .
“Aye it is “says his mate.
“Right enough so it is,” says Harry.
Harry goes up to the big man and says “Hello, Shane, we’re fae Bathgate Golf Club. Ah wonder if we could have a picture”
“No” says Connery “I don’t do that sort of thing now.”
“Aw come oan, Shane jist one. We’ve come a’ the wey fae Bathgate.” pleads Harry .
“Oh, ok. Just one” says James Bond
Harry hands Connery the camera, runs back to the group and shouts “Mind you get us aw’ in big man!”

Oh, while I remember, the other speaker at Bathgate was Sheriff Lindsay Wood. What a great speaker – very funny, and he has a real empathy with the audience. They loved him. I know that a few entertainment agents get this newsletter, so if you haven’t booked Sheriff Wood yet… why not? If you already book Robbie Glen and Len Murray, this is another name to be added to the list; no question.


My old chum, Gordon Giltrap (soon to appear on “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”) – ace guitarist and jolly nice chap: actually, one of the nicest, blokes you’ll ever meet – was returning from a guitar festival and we managed to hook up at a hotel near the Forth Road Bridge. And, just to make it even better, Hilary his lovely wife was there, too.

It was supposed to be for a quick cup of coffee. Which became another cup of coffee, and then became lunch… What a truly fantastic way to spend an entire day. Such wonderful company, and so many fabulous stories. Thanks for a great day, mate.

Some of you who attended the my MindPlay theatre show at The Bathgate Regal a couple of years ago will remember Gordon with affection, I’m sure. If you don’t believe that Gordon Giltrap is the one TRUE Guitar Hero… check THIS out.

How DOES he do that? Isn’t it fantastic?

More info on Gordon at


November 2. BBC meeting, Glasgow.

November 3. Norton House, Edinburgh

November 5. Dundas Castle, South Queensferry

November 6. Gourock

November 11 Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

November 13 Dalmahoy Hotel

November 17 MindBiz Seminar (3),

November 18 The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow with the BBC.

Other than that, my time is my own… Ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful November. Till, December… I’ll see you then!

Best wishes,

Drew McAdam


SEPTEMBER 2010 – busy busy busy!

September 30, 2010


Drew McAdam Newsletter: SEPTEMBER 2010

(1) THE MINDBIZ SEMINARS in Edinburgh continue this month with Part 2. What fun they are – and also educational, and helpful in business dealings.

Join Mind Master Drew McAdam for a series of 3 exclusive, very cost effective business seminars in which Drew will share with you some of the secrets of mind reading that you will be able to use in your everyday business dealings to work more effectively. Drew will show you how to

•Tackle the impossible

•Learn about communicating without words

•Use the secrets of mind reading to influence thoughts, behaviour and decisions in business

You can find out a bit more about them here:

(2) BIG THANKS AGAIN to Mr Jock Ferguson. There are a few projects in the offing at the moment – it would spoil the surprise to discuss them here, so you’ll just have to wait to find out what we’re up to.

(3) YOU MAY RECALL that earlier this year I was involved in Uri Geller’s visit to his island just off the coast of North Berwick – my old home town. Well the video of the fun has now been edited and put onto YouTube. It’s in two parts… Well worth watching. Just SO much fun and – to be honest – inspirational. You’ll enjoy this.

(4) SOMEBODY INFORMED ME that I had helped them solve a crossword in one of our Scottish Daily Newspapers. (The Daily Record for those up here and in the know.) Intrigued I asked them how, only to be told that I had been one of the clues in the crossword. “Scottish TV mindreader. (4 letters) – – – – McAdam


(5)  WHAT A BUSY MONTH. And I loved every minute of it!

I had a private gig for ELITE CONTROL SYSTEMS Ltd. And yet another appearance on SCOTTISH TELEVISION – on “The Hour”. And what a belter it was! I taught GRANT STOTT a memory technique, enabling him to accurately remember a list of 15 items forward – AND backwards, in just a few minutes. I also had the opportunity to perform one of my favourite demonstrations: Grant (who is a big guy) lifted me up; but after a simple tap on the forehead he was unable to get me off the ground, no matter how hard he tried. Funnneeee! Oh, there was also a bit of spoon bending going on for Michelle McManus.

You can see it here: (though I’ll bet it’s only available in the UK thanks to copyright laws.)

Well worth watching, though!

There was a wonderful gig just outside CARDIFF at the sumptuous CELTIC MANOR, where the Ryder Cup golf tournament is being held at the moment.

I also had a performance at a packed PLEASANCE THEATRE for Edinburgh University Freshers Week. What a great night that was – and what a fabulous audience they were. The “newby” students were up for it from the start, and their enthusiasm was overwhelming.

Aberdeen was the next stop, with three workshops and the chance to catch up with RORY BREMNER once more. What a lovely bloke he is!

I really enjoyed taking the first MINDBIZ seminar (part 1) seemed to go well, and I am really looking forward to Part 2 later this month.

There was a lovely wee intimate gig at TYLNEY HALL in Hook, near Basingstoke. The old Tudor mansion, with 66 acres of carefully tended walled gardens and a lake that was illuminated at night was just the perfect setting and the perfect venue.

Tilnley Hall. Luverly!

Other gigs included THE OLD COURSE HOTEL, St Andrews, two gigs at HOPETOUN HOUSE, and a thoroughly enjoyable performance at THE ROXBURGH HOTEL.


Isle of Man

Mindbiz Seminar(part 2) two

Two more appearances on The Hour TV show.

Business gig in Kilmarnock.

Nostalgic return to Bathgate Golf Club (Why am I so nervous about that one in particular?)

See you around November time… And remember, you might not have had the happiest childhood, but that doesn’t stop you from having the LONGEST!

Best wishes,

Drew McAdam

AUGUST 2010 – What a REMARKABLE month…

August 31, 2010

Well, that has to have been my most favourite job ever. I was in St Petersburg, Russia for 4 gigs, but it entailed a total of eight days. I was performing in the Yuspov Palace, where Rasputin was murdered.

But what made this work – I mean REALLY work – was that the palace has a small (3-tier ) private theatre, and I performed each night on that very stage, once graced by such luminaries as Lizst, Schostakovith and Chopin.

The running order was a selection of ballet pieces, Cossack dancers, then – to close – it was wee mee. Can you imagine? Possibly not, so I have pasted a picture of the theatre. Ostentatious, perhaps. But what a thrill.

Besides that, I spent my free days and evenings just walking and jumping on buses when I had absolutely no idea where they might take me, exploring every corner of the place. I was in an old Soviet submarine, in museums, discovering hidden galleries, historic sites, palaces, and cafes. Then there was the boat trip along the many canals and rivers. I couldn’t even start to tell you just what an amazing and thrilling adventure it all was.

of course, there was also the fact that my luggage didn’t turn up, and when it did Customs officers wanted a wee word with me. Ooops! But it all turned out well in the end, and it all added to the Great Adventure.

Very few of the city dwellers speak English, and my Russian doesn’t exist – but that didn’t matter. All I can say is that the place leaves even Paris in the shade. If you are going to do one thing in your life, then make sure it is a visit to St Petersburg.

Anyway, this was my view from the stage (except, yes, it was filled with people!) 

View from the stage. Impressive, huh?



Then this will be of interest to you. (If you live in Central Scotland, that is!)

I am running three business seminars under the banner of MindBiz. This all started after a very quick demonstration at a local Business Network Group, and though offering the techniques and skills often employed by mentalists and mindreaders as a business tool was always something I intended to do at some point in the future, this has spurred me into action – the result being MindBiz.

(Thank you to David, Martha, Douglas and Wendy for all your input, hard work and encouragement – this is going to be great!)


16 September: Tackling the Impossible.

14 October: Communication Without Words.

17 November: Influencing Thoughts and Behaviours.

Within those seminars we will be covering everything from non-verbal cues to memory techniques, and impossible versus possible to instant report in sales and negotiation. Plus the SPIDER sales technique.

Tickets are £50 (plus a small registration fee) and you can find out more and book your place here:




One of my recent newspaper columns caused a bit of a stir: in fact Tam McAdam in the US – he must be a relation somewhere along the line, and I find that rather worrying 🙂  – sent it to Barack Obama. I have had loads of feedback on it, and you can read the blog version at the link below.

A good friend sent me a remarkable email recently. And in the light of a damning Care Commission report about a specific West Lothian nursing home, it seemed all the more relevant.

The email suggested that it would be a good plan to put all the pensioners in jail, and all the criminals in a nursing home.

Crazy? No, consider this: such a move would mean… Read More:


Thank you to all who emailed me to tell me I got a mention or two on the front page of the Wall Street Journal! How cool was THAT?!


The BBC have uploaded video from the BrainSmart sessions. There are a few, and you’ll finf themn if you hunt around on the site, but here are two to get you started.

Newspaper memory Challenge:

And Spoon bending

If it stops and says “not available in your area” just click to reload or resume and it will play (this works in the UK, anyway.) I presume there is a glitch in the system somewhere.


September is usually quite a quiet month, but not this year. Recession? What recession? Gigs include:

A private gig in West Lothian for a hi-tech company and friends.

The Edinburgh University Fresher Week performance in The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh

There are 3 gigs / workshops in Aberdeen

The MindBiz seminar at the Novo Hotel, Edinburgh

Corporate gig in Basingstoke

A gig at the Roxburgh Hotel, Edinburgh

And another at the Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

Dasvidania (Till I see you again)

Drew McAdam

JULY 2010

August 2, 2010

Hi there, I hope you had a great July…


I drove down to WARRINGTON for a day-long excursion… loads of driving followed by spoon-bending and mind reading; then driving home again. Sometimes it seems tedious, but then I ask myself whether I would rather be sitting in my car, watching the scenery and listening to my iPod music… or digging ditches in the rain for a living. And you can guess what I answer myself?

Aldouri Castle, Inverness. Pretty, huh?

With only a short break to catch breath, it was up to Aldouri Castle near INVERNESS, on the shore of Loch Ness, for a show. There, I met up with an actor by the name of JOCK FERGUSON – a lovely, funny and incredibly interesting bloke – who just happens to be the exact double (and I do mean the exact double) of Sean Connery. I told a friend of mine on a Sunday newspaper who published a feature with photographs; that’s how look-alike this look-alike looks. Scary!

Anyway, Jock and I will be working on a couple of fascinating projects over the coming weeks – watch this space!

Just as an aside; I once had a couple of appearances in a film that starred Oliver Reed and Brian Blessed – I’m not making this up! – and was invited along to attend the premier of the film. There, I was given a crew bomber jacket with the names of all the major stars in the film beautifully embossed on the back. At the bottom, it says “Special Guest Appearance by Jock Ferguson” I didn’t meet Jock during filming – at least, I don’t think I did – but it’s great to know that somebody whose name I’ve been wearing on my back for years is well on the way to becoming a good friend!

Sean Connery or Jock Ferguson aka Shhhir Shhhean of Shhcotland? No, I wouldn't put money on it either!

And then it was on to The EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL MAGIC FESTIVAL. Four gigs over four nights – and a LOT of hard work, including newspaper interviews and a live broadcast from Parliament Square first thing in the morning. And handing out flyers – lots and lots of flyers; a new experience for me. Then the shows at night… Three nights out of five, when I took my shoes off on returning home, I had holes in my socks!

Even so, it was wonderful, wonderful fun; being part of getting the first year of this particular festival off the ground. From the Press Launch to the fabulous Gala Show it was all go… and all fun.

Some of the biggest names around lent their weight to ensure it was as successful as possible – and it was. (Well done organiser KEVIN MCMAHON and YER BIRD whose name I STLL can’t spell!) There was a clutch of 4 and 5 star reviews. So, well done to every one of you who were involved. It was a real pleasure to be associated with you.

Next year? Hmmmm. Maybe!

I had a live appearance on THE HOUR this month again; I think they just roll me out when there’s not very much of interest to discuss! You can make up your own mind by watching it here:

Had a fabulous gig at the quaint Copthorne Hotel near Gatwick, and received one of the greatest compliments ever. I was to be a surprise, but one of the attendees found out that there was going to be entertainment, and told the organiser (Thank you NATASHA TAMASOVA, I couldn’t have done it without you!) : “I hope they’ll be good. But they’ll never be as good as the guy we had two years ago: Drew McAdam…”  Har–har.

There was also a charity gig in Edinburgh, then a corporate gig in Glasgow, and another corporate gig at the palatial Archerfield House. July is always a quiet month for me before it starts picking up into autumn, and then the Christmas madness. But not this year – it’s been busy all the time. Weird.


I always set of early for gigs – sometimes ridiculously so – in case of unforeseen circumstances. Just as well, really, because on this occasion a car ran right into the side of my Volvo as I was making my way to the venue. Loads of damage to the car, but no injuries, thankfully.…  I’m STILL trying to sort out the insurance. You can read my newspaper column about it here:


There are a couple of interesting projects going on at the moment. I’m working on a 3-part BUSINESS SEMINAR for September, October and November, revealing how mentalism skills can be incorporated into sales, negotiation, marketing, and general business. Then in the next couple of weeks I’m off to ST PETERSBURG IN RUSSIA for four shows in the Yusupov Palace, where Rasputin was murdered. Wooo-hoooski

In the meantime…  до свидания (do svidaniya)


PS. PLEASE use this opportunity to email me at and let me know what’s going on in YOUR life. The whole purpose of this newsletter / diary is to help me NOT lose contact with people.

Thank you.


July 2, 2010

I thought I would offer my Herald and Post weekly newspaper column this month, because I think it’s important. I hope you do, too.


I NEVER DISCUSS family or friends in my column. But in this case I’m going to make an exception. My little grandson is 20-months old. Since his birth his liver has never worked properly – as in it was absolutely useless, and was slowly poisoning him.

He would have died. But he didn’t, because a suitable donor was found. From that moment there was an ambulance dash, an air ambulance flight and a 10-hour operation.


Now, the little lad’s new liver is working better than was expected. That’s good news for him. But I realise that it’s bad news for somebody else – because the fact that a donor was found means that some unknown family, right now, is going through absolute heartache.

I can only hope that they somehow find out that a tiny, frail life has been saved.


Which brings me to the point: I USED to carry a donor card. But I lost it, or used it to light a fag or something – I don’t know. Anyway, I have now placed my name on the Organ Donor Register. I simply logged on at and typed in a few details. The whole thing took, literally, two minutes – if that. And it’s done.

If you don’t want to do it that way, then you can call 0300 123 23 23 at local rates. They’ll sort you out. You can even simply text SAVE to 84118.

Under current law, if you want to donate your organs after death you must make your wishes known. May I suggest you do just that? Somebody somewhere did that, and by doing so they saved my grandson’s life.

Whose life will YOU save?



Well, only a few days left to go before the start of The Edinburgh International Magic Festival. This is the first year of this event, and I was honoured to be asked to be part of it, and to support it.

I will be performing at 7pm from July 7 till July 10 at THE STUDIO, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL. There is more information here: where you can book tickets online for any of the shows, or the box office number is 0131 473 2000, and it’s open from 9am till 6pm.

If you want to chance it you can buy tickets on the door on any night. (Shouldn’t be too busy, it’s the first year of the festival, but you never know!)

This is gonna’ be GREAT!

“When he tells somebody the name of their first pet or the address of their childhood home, they assume that he’s using psychic ability. When he predicts what is going to happen before the event occurs, they believe he must have paranormal powers. And when they see him lightly stroke stainless steel cutlery as it bends like melted plastic in their own hands, they believe it must be proof of telekinetic power.

But Drew McAdam claims his skills and abilities have NOTHING to do with hypnosis, the occult, or the supernatural. Instead, he uses well known but little understood scientific techniques.

Drew McAdam is “Scotland’s foremost mindreader” according to the BBC. Besides being the subject of the 4-part BBC radio series “School for Genius” he is “The Interrogator” on Channel 5’s popular daytime Trisha Goddard talk show. In addition, he makes regular appearances as the body language expert on STV’s “The Hour”. If you think your thoughts are yours and yours alone… think again!

Exploring the untapped mysteries and potential of the human mind, Drew McAdam combines psychology, science and gentle humour to produce a challenging yet relaxing experience for spectators – and participants – alike.

Enjoy the spoon-bending mind-reading talents of TV personality Drew McAdam. Expect plenty of friendly audience participation.”

Scotsman Publications: “Bafflingly Brilliant” Five stars: *****


As a wee promotion for the Edinburgh International magic festival, some bright spark came up with the idea of doing a séance in Mary King’s Close – the most haunted place in the UK – for a group of invited guests and journalists. How could I resist?

So Colin McLeod and I did just that. I tell you, scaring a cavern full of people to the point where they scream is SUCH fun! Of course, it wasn’t a REAL séance, more a replication of a Victorian ceremony… Not that this fact stopped the spooks from turning up!

The proceedings were widely reported and you can read one of the online reports here:


There were some really fabby gigs this month including one for the Institute of Accountants of England and Wales, where I performed in the Great Hall of their London HQ. What a venue, and what a truly tremendous audience.

Next month there is, of course, the Edinburgh International Magic Festival performances.

There are also corporate gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Warrington – and a quick trip for a gig at Gatwick.

And in August: 4 gigs in St Petersburg, Russia, in the palace where Rasputin was murdered. How cool is THAT ! ?

It’s all go!

… and I LOVE it!

Best wishes,

Drew McAdam


June 1, 2010



A brand new Festival in “The Festival City” of Edinburgh. And this time I’m involved… with a run of four performances from July 7 till July 10 at THE STUDIO, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL from July 7 till July 10.

Top acts include PAUL WILSON from “The Real Hustle”, JOHN ARCHER – one of the funniest and nicest guys in the business – and, er, me, DREW MCADAM – along with many other outstanding performers of straight magic.

Oh, and for anybody who DOES come along to see me I recommend that you stay on to watch the following performer who has been mentioned in this newsletter many times: COLIN MCLEOD. He’s great!

There is more info here:

There is a two-for-one offer on the opening night.

How to buy tickets:


By Phone: 0131 473 2000

In Person: The Hub, Castle Hill, Edinburgh

Alternatively – click here:



 It was this month that I was to report for JURY SERVICE. It didn’t quite work out, and you can read a bit of what happened here.

A telly mindreading star was excused jury duty after fears he might wreck the trial…

This story was in most of the major nationals, from The Express to The Mail – incredible coverage that created quite a stir. (Alan Carson – you naughty boy!)


It’s five years since the last time I went to SARK (a tiny, but unbelievably beautiful island in the English Channel) with some of my mindreading chums. This year, though it’s hard to believe, was even better. These are some of the BIG names in mentalism (seven of them, and one of me) and every one of them a hero of mine. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable – and funny – weekends of my life. My sides were aching for days from laughing.

 To those who were there: I really enjoyed your company and performances, gentlemen. Thank you, one and all, with special thanks to the amazing organiser and moving force behind the whole thing (in conjunction with IAN ROWLAND), PETER WILLATS.

I’ve sent the footage (including the underwear-wetting funny Oath Taking Ceremony) to John. There is some GREAT stuff on here. His challenge will be to edit it down.

 “Sark Goes Mental Eight professional mindreaders will be visiting Sark in May and putting on two shows at the Island Hall for the benefit of the Prof. Saint Fund. Some residents will remember their visit five years ago and the full house of fun and mystery of their shows. With two special guests who are coming over especially from America, Banachek and Barrie Richardson will be performing acts of mind reading, predictions, thought transfer, metal bending and much more. They will mix drama and daring with comedy and confusion.

Each of the artists is a bill-topper in their own right. Only here on Sark will they be appearing together, giving them a chance to appreciate each other’s work and to offer a unique opportunity for the audience to see a range of world class talent.

 Because the performances were enjoyed so much last time by both adults and children two shows (including a special matinee) are planned …”


Had a great few days that involved a STEVE HARLEY and COCKNEY REBEL gig – fantastic as always – and a chat and a laugh backstage with the guys after the show in the company of PAUL, SEAN and FIONA.

Then there was also a fun evening with a Eurovision Song Contest party courtesy of good friends MARTHA and DAVID TOD .

Thank you one and all – you are very special friends.


I had a great evening watching the Speedway Racing this month: thanks to LIAM RUDDEN and his birthday celebration. What a thrill it is standing in the centre of the track with the noise and blur of motorcycles hammering and slithering past. Scary, but fun!

MY THEORY – and why you might never hear from me again.

There’s a theory I’ve been harbouring for a while – 50 years, to be exact. I’ve always had this conviction that on my 55th birthday I would slip through a time warp and find myself back as a 5-year old kid again. In my old bedroom, with my childhood friends, getting ready to start school BUT carrying with me all the confidence, knowledge and experience I have gathered over the past 50 years.

I would know all the future momentous events in history, which computer companies to invest in, and could tell my teachers with absolute confidence that there was no point in me doing arithmetic because by the time I needed to do any adding up in the real world we would all have personal calculators.

This is what I will look like as a 5-year old again (Just in case you decide to go back to 1960 and look for me.)

Well, my 55th birthday is fast approaching. So, just in case it happens the way I always though it would, if you don’t hear from me again it’s because I’ve gone back in time and I’m busy running barefoot through the park, chasing bees and collecting conkers.

 Here’s hoping.

Failing that, I’ll catch up with you next month.

In the meantime – have a good one!



May 3, 2010



Well, what a fabby month that was! Loads to do, a pile of excitement and good times spent with great friends…

I was brought in to review DERREN BROWN at THE PLAYHOUSE THEATRE. The name of the show is “Enigma” and it truly is spectacular. So clever. So entertaining. If you get the chance to catch it – do so.

Just as an aside, PAM BLYTH from the theatre interviewed Derren for their web site. She had spoken to me just before she interviewed him on camera, and when it came to the interview (perhaps it was nerves!), much to her consternation she called him “Drew”. Ooops! To make matters worse, Derren’s name then entirely slipped her mind. She could NOT remember his name! I, of course, got the blame for that one. Spooky, huh?!

I was back at The Playhouse to see LES MISERABLES. I like this show, anyway, but this was an outstanding production. And GARETH GATES was superb in his part. It was great to see local superstar SUSAN BOYLE there, in the audience and in the VIP suite.

I had a great time in PITLOCHRY THEATRE where I had a show. It was such fun to meet up with such great people – special mention for PAUL JOHNSON, who was a great help. And the after-show party was such a blast! Tod – thanks for giving us all such a great laugh.

Pix from the Pitlochry Theatre Show - thank you Nadin Dunnigan.


There were a couple of gigs at DUNKELD HILTON for an oil company, both of which were just such great fun. This was followed by a private party in Edinburgh, and another private function at Teviot, also in Edinburgh. Always nice when there’s not TOO much travelling involved!

One of the highlights of the month was part two in the BBC Brainsmart series, a live webcast to all the country’s schools. In the 40-minutes I was on I taught a powerful memory technique to the audience, and these kids seem to have really taken it on board.

This led to a live radio broadcast with the BBC’s KAYE ADAMS (a lovely, lovely lady who made my job so easy!) which in turn lead to an interview with one of Scotland’s national newspapers. There seems to be a great deal of interest in memory techniques at the moment – the Scottish school examinations are in full swing.) and it’s great to be able to play such a large part in it.

I was also asked to be the patron of a charity this month – more of that later.

There was also a really superb article in the KONECT DIRECTORY. It is obviously written by somebody who actually “gets” what I do. You can see the magazine here – the article is on pages 10 and 11 – just use the little arrows at the top to navigate. 

You can enlarge the page by clicking on the little magnifying glass.

Now – some exciting news. I was asked to review STEVE HARLEY’s new album – now out. You can read the review here:

And you can order it here:

Take time to read the reviews from those who already have it. Looks like a winner!

Also, Steve is on tour at the moment, so you can catch him near you, somewhere in the UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway among others. Catch him if you can!

I’ll be at the Edinburgh gig on May 26 with some special friends, so if you see me (and some of you have already indicated that you will be there) remember to say “Hello!”

So – what a remarkable month it’s been. Tiring in places but SO much fun.


But May is looking as though it’s going to be equally exciting – if not more so.

Just in outline: I will be attending LIAM RUDDEN’s birthday bash at a speedway track (Do I get to take a motorcycle round the track, and can it be done blindfolded, I wonder!)

I also have jury service… Honestly, WHY would the defence team want a Human Lie Detector and mind reader in the jury? It remains to be seen if I am selected.

There is also a gig at the WESTERWOOD HOTEL in Cumbernauld, and another in St Andrews.

That aside, I will be on the island of SARK  in The Channel Islands for a few days – can’t say too much about it at the moment, but will give all the details next month. This is going to be SO great!

And, of course, I am very much looking forward to seeing Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh.

Have a wonderful May – I know I will – and I’ll see you on the other side!

Best wishes

Drew McAdam

P.S. Please DO take time to let me know what YOU are up to. This is a great way of keeping in touch; and that’s important to me.


March 27, 2010

So here it is, as promised – the Secret of Life.

But first, let me explain: my life is wonderful, it really is. I’m a very lucky little mind reader.

I’ve never had ambition for wealth. Actually, I’ve never had any real ambition – an attitude which was always perceived as a negative trait. But financial aspiration was never a driving force in my life.

I’ve been too busy having fun. You see, I reckon life is an adventure; or at least it should be. Certainly, I’ve been involved in all sorts of weird and wonderful things this month. There has been the usual batch of gigs around the country, of course. But that aside, I’ve performed alongside Uri Geller. Been out to an island. Climbed a hill. Been in the newspapers. I had a charity appearance. Was driven by a chauffeur. Broadcast live on a nationwide school webcast with the BBC. Had radio appearances. Been to a couple of theatre shows. Made new friends. Spent time in the company of old friends… the list goes on and on.

But where does all that come from? Well, I’ve been thinking about it recently, and I recalled a time many years ago when I looked at my news school timetable and realised that the Tuesday and the Wednesday consisted of exactly the same classes at exactly the same time on both days. In that moment it struck me like a blow to the head that the Tuesday would be fine… but what was the point of exactly duplicating it the following day?

What possible point could there be to living a carbon copy 24-hours? It was madness. I might as well not have lived that day – and every day is incredibly precious; we have a strictly limited number of them, and they are steadily decreasing in number.

I promised myself that from that day on I would do something – anything – that was unique and exclusive to every 24-hour period. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it marked that day out as being different.

It’s this questionable attitude that gets me into these really weird situations, and leads to such fabulous experiences. (Or, as my mate Steve H puts it “The answer is ‘Yes’. What’s the question?”) From taking this approach on a daily basis my subconscious mind seems to identify experiences and situations that will mark that day out as something unique. It’s not something I have to work at any more. These days it just happens.

Could I be happier? I doubt it very much.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to do something “different” – something new, an activity you’ve never even considered before – don’t even think about it; just say “yes”, as a child would,  before the adult in you has the chance to weigh up the pros and cons. I guarantee that the experience will lead to two more “different” things, and those will lead to even more… Before you know it you can hardly keep up, and every day will be a fun-packed adventure. Every single day will be an exciting bookmark in your life.

Nobody on their deathbed ever lamented that they had done TOO MUCH with their life.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Isn’t THAT the secret of life?

I rather think it is.

Here endeth the sermon 


Well, that was a bit of excitement! Uri Geller came to my old hometown to spend a night on the island just off the coast. I collected him, and his brother in law Shipi, in Edinburgh and drove him to North Berwick. What a giggle we had.

At one point he made me stop and insisted on climbing the hill at the back of my mother’s house.

I mean, this was really weird. It was in that house in 1973 that I had sat in front of the TV with my father and watched this young Israeli guy’s first appearnace on UK TV gently stroke a solid metal fork as it melted then broke. And it was in that house that I determined that I would do the same thing one day. And now, here I was with my friend Uri, in the places I played as a child, gazing down on that very house.

Okay, the trip to the island, and the later visit to Rosslyn Chapel were fun. But the highlight must be when Uri brought me out halfway through his lecture and insisted that I demonstrate spoon bending. In that auditorium, before old neighbours – who had known me as a boy – a teacher or two, my mother and The Master Spoon Bender himself, I stroked a spoon amidst the crackle of camera shutters and flashguns – and heard the audience gasp as the spoon curled upwards on my palm.

The circle was complete, producing a moment to be savoured forever.

You can see a GREAT taster video with a wee bit behind the scenes and part of the performance here. You’ll like this!

And you can read one of the many newspaper reports of the event here.–

And here are some pix:

Me and The Master

My Mum and The Master

Another of my mum and Uri. She's no' very big. Is she?

My mate - and Chief Reporter on The Sunday Post - Paul Johnson. Don't even ask!

Leaving North Berwick to collect Uri after his stay on the island


The intrepid explorers decamping from the island.


Well, I tried it – but no chance. I was recently informed by the Scottish Court Service that my name had been selected at random for Jury Duty. So, I sent them a very nice letter asking if they realised that I was a professional mind reader – would the prosecution team actually want somebody like me serving on the jury? I very much doubted it.

Back came the reply that my profession (?) as a Mind Reader “does not come under the banner of excusal.” Though they have suggested that I raise the issue with the Clerk of the Court should I be cited to attend.

I KNEW they’d say that!

THIS MONTH… Has been a blast.

There were two gigs in Edinburgh, including one alongside top comic Des McLean and another with master-magician Gary James at the Balmoral Hotel – he is SUCH fun to be around.

There was also a charity appearance, the whole Uri Geller adventure, and a live nationwide web broadcast as part of the BBC Brainsmart project.

The BBC crew and techies. They are SO great to work with, particularly as I have worked with some of them on previous projects.

There was a cracking performance at the Insurance Institute bash at Reading. The travel – which is the bit that can usually go wrong – was a dream. Flights on time, ushered around by a chauffeur in a blacked out limo, top hotel and then the same coming back. Ah, I could get used to this!

(My driver, Sadfar, plays the part of the Mafia driver in a new film to be released called “Mission to London.”)

Safdar and his car. Driver and film star!

There was an interview on Heartland FM,  and a short presentation to an early morning business breakfast club. I was also involved in a one-off, local gig for a charity which had my local eatery packed to bursting – thanks Paul Johnson for your help on that one.

And there was another wonderful, intimate gig at The Norton House Hotel for a pharmaceutical company.


Regular receivers of the newsletter know that I am a massive fan of Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. Not only is Steve a great songwriter, and an amazing performer, but he is also one of the nicest blokes you could meet.

That aside, you really MUST catch him on the upcoming tour.  (Details here: )

On top of the tour, he is appearing at the May Day “Rock for Life charity festival near Inverness. Crowds of 20,000 people will attend on each day of the two-day festival at Bogbain Farm on the southern outskirts of the Highland capital.

And some great news: Steve is releasing his new album “Stranger Comes to Town” on May 3. Steve very kindly sent me a studio copy of the album – and, frustratingly, told me it was for my ears only. I have to tell you; it is absolutely stunning. Each song gets into your mind and then swirls around there hypnotically for hours.

If you are a fan of music that takes you to a whole new place and grows on you with each listening till it’s up there in your top ten albums of all time then get it! If you don’t like it, I will personally refund you the cash.

You can pre-order a copy here:

It can also be pre-ordered from HMV, and Steve’s website.

Pre-order your copy now.


I saw Cesar Moran – better known as “The Dog Whisperer” at the SECC. Asked what I thought of his show I answered that he was really quiet and I couldn’t hear him. (Getit?) However, top marks go to Lindsay Gordon who asked “Was he wearing Hush Puppies?” Now THAT’s funny!


Besides the Pitlochry Theatre gig, I will be reviewing Derren Brown’s show for The Evening News – though apparently he is not reviewing mine.

There is the possibility of another ghost hunt. A wee spot on Leith FM.  Two gigs at Dunkeld Hydro, a gig in Edinburgh and another live school webcast with the BBC.

It’s all go again. A fabulous month and another heading this way. It’s all to do with the Secret of Life. Join me!

And please remember – one of the main purposes of this newsletter is so that you can hit “reply” and type a few words to let me know what is going on in YOUR life. I HATE losing touch with people.

Best wishes to you.

Drew McAdam

PS. You can follow me (drewmcadam) on Twitter and you can become a fan on Facebook.


March 1, 2010

Hello, thank you for clicking on the link!

First up, I have a gig at 7.30 in Pitlochry Festival Theatre on April 2 – that’s only a month away. Now, if you live in Scotland it sounds like a fair old distance. In actual fact, from Edinburgh it’s about an hour and a half.  Just a thought! It would be great to see you there.

You can find booking details here:


It was great to meet up with old chum Ian Rowland who was up this way for a gig in the Norton House Hotel – always a pleasure; and it certainly was again this time. There was even time for a meal with Mr Rowland and my very good friend and top journalist Paul Johnson, and later with fellow mentalist Colin McLeod. Great company, the lot of you. Thanks!


As you may know, a couple of years back I cycled from London to Paris – finishing under the Eiffel Tower. A fabulous and memorable experience. This was to help raise cash to build a school in Zambia where the kids will walk 8 miles or more to school – that’s how important education is to them.

I’ve been out to Zambia and seen the difference – the new school – and it really is remarkable.

You may remember that Uri  Geller donated his Jaguar motor car to the cause. Well, we’re not looking for anything like that, but if you think you would like to find out more about this year’s cycle ride then check this out and then drop me a line and I’ll get the info off to you. Or, if you prefer, let me have your phone number and I’ll give you a call and tell you more about how you can have the experience of a lifetime. while making a remarkable difference in the lives of hundreds of children.

Honestly, this is an experience you will never forget… You CAN do it (If I can, anybody can!)

There’s a short video here:


I attended a Burns Supper thanks to my friends at Elite Control Systems Ltd. (Thank you, Sam and Ewan). It was a great affair, made all the more special as the Immortal Memory was delivered by an amazing man – and a very good friend – Len “The Silver Fox” Murray. His autobiography “The Pleader” is highly recommended; a fascinating read.

Len Murray's book


This month saw me meeting with the BBC to get the script and running order together for a live webcast I will be doing for schools throughout the country in April. It is specifically to do with memory and the memory systems which have long fascinated me, and often make up part of my act.


Had a great gig in Ironbridge in Shropshire, performing in possibly the most remarkable venue ever. It’s called Enginuity, and is a sort of industrial Science Museum with lots of big toys to play with. Great fun and a great audience.


I had a guest appearance on the TV show “The Hour” again this month. It’s fun, but nerve-wracking… live TV always is. What made it even more fun was the fact that Vic Galloway (Radio One DJ who presented my “School for Genius” series) was on the programme, too. We had time for a chat – he really IS a lovely fella’.

I had a nice little sidebar in The Sun this month, talking about reading body language and how it related to a particular politician’s speech.

There was also a couple of guest spots on radio shows, including one at the fabby little L107 FM station.

And I was back on the BBC Radio Fred MacAulay Show this month; always fun. Nice, ‘cause I get to say whatever I want for a few minutes, though it all had to do with memory systems this time.


Gig in Pitlochry as mentioned earlier.

Edinburgh (2) inc return to Balmoral

Charity appearance

Kirkintiloch for the BBC’s school project with a live webcast

Redding for a corporate gig

Interview on Heartland FM radio

A pile of corporate gigs…

Here we go again!

Have a lovely March – we’re into Spring now, you know!



February 1, 2010


MAYBE it’s because I’m getting older. Or maybe because I’m getting lazier. But in the two hours following my last gig of 2009 – and an exceptionally busy December – the punishing schedule took its toll and I had no energy left. Nothing. I plumbed a whole new dimension of knackerdness (is there such a word?)

So, January has seen little in the way of frenetic activity; which was a novelty.

Mind you, there was the discovery of the delight of playing the PlayStation 3 (somebody, please snatch it away from me!) and the three skiing trips; two to the indoor ski centre in Glasgow and one to the slopes of Glenshee.

Just as an aside, one of the trips was with long-time chum Paul Johnson, chief reporter with The Sunday Post. The others were spent on the company of Big Billy (he’s been mentioned a few times in my newsletters.) A real character, I came across some photographs of a slightly younger Billy and I include them here for your delectation. Those of you who know BBB will find them interesting, I’m thinking.

Waiting for a helicopter - or God - whichever comes first.

Beirut Billy

Then there were the two great shows at the Playhouse Theatre where I saw “We Will Rock You” again, but without Brian May this time, and later “The Sound of Music”

Oh, then there was the broken spring on my car that shredded my front tyre. About a year ago the same thing happened to the same wheel. Different tyre: different spring. It’s all the potholes, you know.

At the end of January my manager had organised his acts to come to one central point for filming, which was fun. I’m sure I’ll be able to offer a link to the site next month.

Not actually THAT quiet, then? But quiet enough.


Well, we’re off and running again.

Glow is the world’s first national intranet for education. Besides being a big receptacle of knowledge, the site will also offer live webcasts to the schools in partnership with the BBC, who have brought me in. So I have another exciting project which will involve a couple of live webcasts to schools throughout the country in the next couple of months. Just about enough time to get something together for it, then.

Highlights of the coming month includes meeting up with my friend, fellow exponent of the dark arts and all-round-good-guy Ian Rowland who is performing in Edinburgh. I also have a Burns Supper to attend, and a massive gig in Shropshire.

Here we go again!


On April 2 (Good Friday) I’m performing at the wonderful Pitlochry Festival Theatre. This is going to be a cracker – so I’m flagging it up now, with two months to go. (That’s not long, you know!) As an added bonus, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers are on the evening after, on April 3. Well worth catching, let me assure you.

Pitlochry Auditorium

Friday 2nd April 7.30pm
Drew McAdam – Mindplay
Pitlochry Festival Theatre Pitlochry
He’ll read your thoughts. He’ll Influence your thoughts. And he will predict your thoughts… Exploring the untapped mysteries and potential of the human mind, Drew McAdam will use all his incredible abilities in this show.  Tickets £15 Pitlochry Festival Theatre Box Office Tel – 01796 484626 Email:  Web

Oh, and you can view the brochure online here:


 Last month I appeared on the Scottish Television programme “The Hour”.  It’s still available for viewing here…

Though for how long it will remain online, I cannot say. 


Brian Morrison is a lovely fella’, and remarkably talented, too. With little more than a piece of black paper and a pair of nail scissors, he produces fantastic silhouettes.  And he does it in about thirty seconds. (His caricatures are amazing, too.)

On one web site promoting his services there is a silhouette he did of me at a black tie event. If you go to

you will see six images. One of them is me… No, it’s NOT the lady in the hat and glasses!

…Anyway, have a GREAT February, and I’ll see you on the other side. Oh, in the meantime, don’t forget to check out the online version of my weekly newspaper column at

Best wishes,

Drew McAdam